Captain Tyler Yunk

Captain of Gail Force

Captain Tyler was born and raised in the town of Algoma, Wisconsin where he still resides with his family today. Growing up on the shore of Lake Michigan fishing was instilled at a very young age, and that passion soon lead to a career in the charter fishing industry. He worked on various boats in the fleet as a deck hand over 16 seasons before working his way up to the position of captain. In the off season Tyler keeps himself busy running his stream fishing business guiding clients in the many tributaries of Lake Michigan. One thing is for sure captain Tyler loves to fish! 


“I pride myself on the experience. My goal every day on the water is for my clients to go home that night and say “ we had a great time”. Was the experience a positive one? Were you entertained? Did you feel we as a crew put forward our best effort? These are all things I feel are far more important then the number of fish in the box at the end of the day. I want to make everyone’s trip personal and be a part of great memories that will last a lifetime. I’m truly blessed that I get to do all of these things while fishing.”

Josh Roen, aka Japper

Captain of The Mad Russian

Captain Josh moved to the famous little town of Algoma around 1984 with his mother and brother. His passion for fishing started in 1988 when his mom took him for the fall run of salmon. He remembers trying to tackle the monster fish that were the same size as him! Every chance he had, he would be fishing. His summers were spent on the pier. In the fall, you'd find him in the river and creeks chasing trout and salmon. He was always proud of his catch and happily showed his mother the catch of the day.

He remembers the summer his mom bought a boat and they got into trolling on the lake. His mother would always take him and his friends fishing on her boat. He says "That is when my passion for trolling on the big pond got out of control!"


Becoming a Captain was Josh's dream from a young age. With the help of a friend, he got a job scrubbing boats at on of the local sport fishing businesses. He had started at the bottom of the totem pole but soon found himself as a first mate. He spent many winters working with commercial fishermen. After about 15 years as a first mate, he became captain! Josh has been a captain for 7 years now and is looking forward to seeing you on your next summer adventure!

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1982 Bertram

35' in length, and an impressive 13"5" wide. She has a dry weight of 22,500 pounds, this type of boat insures the most comfortable ride in any condition and gives you a huge back deck to fight multiple fish at the same time!
She’s named Gail Force, after my wife, Gail. She is the Gail, and also The Force!!!!! 


1977 Viking

35' in length, and an impressive 13'1" wide. She has a dry weight of 18,000 pounds. This type of boat insures the most comfortable ride possible in any weather condition. She has a huge back deck for fighting multiple fish at the same time!

She is also named after my wife, who is of Russian decent,and sometimes she’s lovingly called by that name!(100% approved by Gail)  

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When looking to book a charter, research the boat your going to be on as well as the captains. Some boats are just better built, and made for fishing and comfort. Our boats are some of the best built!